Solvent Recovery Solutions

Why Choose Dalal

There are numerous advantages in associating with Dalal for Solvent Recovery:

  • Longest experience in stainless steel fabrication technology in India
  • Maximum number of Solvent Recovery installations supplied
  • Turnkey services provided from understanding the process requirement, designing a tailor made system manufactured with latest technology, to commissioning & training of operating staff
  • Collaboration with pioneers and leaders in Adsorption Technology using Activated Carbon, M/s. Amcec Inc USA


Suitable for range of air flows, variety of solvent types, and solvent loadings Very high emission control and recovery efficiencies of 95% and above.

Fully automated systems including PLC operations result in minimal manpower to operate the plant following full safety precautions.

Reuse of solvent reduces manufacturing costs resulting in attractive Pay Back Periods of about 2 years.

Packed bed Activated Carbon Solvent Recovery Plant helps comply with environment pollution control.

Helps combat global warming by recycling and reuse of natural resources.