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Vibro Dryers


Vibro Energy DryersDalal Vibro Dryers are designed for stainfree drying and polishing of components, immediately after vibratory/centrifugal finishing.

Heated Maizorb/Corncob is used as the drying media. The rubbing action of the mass eliminates the calcarious residuals of the evaporated water deposited on the surface of the parts. The equipment is offered in, both, batch and continuos operations.

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Special Features

  • Continuous and re-circulatory operation can be automated and added to total system
  • Mobile, robust, fast and easy to install
  • Occupies lesser space
  • Adjustable vibration to suit production requirement


  • Can handle small to medium size parts.
  • In-Process Inspection possible.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Excellent cascade to eliminate calcarious residuals of water.
  • Stain free drying
  • Occupies less space than other units of similar capacity and output
Technical Specifications
Model Motor
Bowl Diameter
Chamber Width
Total Width
VFMD 200 0.25 625 200 900
VFMD 350 1 1225 340 1075
VFMD 450 2 1560 460 1200

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