Finishing Machinery

Vibratory Finishing


Vibratory Finishing Machines are mass finishing machines, used for deburring, polishing, descaling, and surface improvement on metal and plastic components.

Working Principle

The machine has a steel bowl lined with rubber or polyurethane which is filled up with required media (either ceramic, plastic, maize etc. depending upon the finish required) and components. Eccentric weights are mounted on an extended shaft attached to a heavy duty motor to cause vibrations and create a spiral of the media and the components. Variations in vibration, achieved by varying weights and angles, and suitable combination of media enable machine to be used for different components.

Standard Features:

  • Effective motor position for Superior Vibration.
  • High tensile nut bolts for longer machine life.
  • Efficient removal of process fluid for best surface finish.
  • Energy efficient motor.
  • Bowls shot blasted before and after Polyurethane lining for painting.
  • All internal welds ground smooth.
  • Anti rotation motor locking plate provided.
  • Bowls are stress relieved

Additional Features:

  • Complete Polyurethane lined bowl including separation area.
  • Complete Polyurethane dam flap to avoid metal contact instead of metal flap.
  • Polyurethane corrosion resistant paint for longer life in acidic /alkaline environments.
  • Accident proof media outlet design for total safety.
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  • Can handle very small to large parts.Batch or continuous operation.
  • In-Process Inspection.
  • Integral separation.
  • Better media/parts mixing since it has cascade and circular action.
  • Economical for general purpose work, heavy deburring, continuous processing, and continuous inspection.
  • Full automation capability.
  • Batch or continuous operation.

Our Products

Standard Machine

Machine without Separation

Models Total Volume (ltrs) Process Volume (ltrs) Ceramic Chip Capacity (kg) O.D. (mm) Bowl ‘U’ Width (mm) Motor (HP) Standard Machine without Separation
VFM 30 L 30 30 30-35 613 204 0.125
VFM-90L 90 90 90-110 855 256 1
VFM-120L 120 120 120 – 150 1020 262 1.5
VFM-210L 210 210 210 – 250 1220 280 2
VFM-300L 300 300 300 – 350 1347 342 2
VFM-600L 600 600 600-700 1606 430 5
VFM-1200L 1200 1200 1200-1400 2010 530 8

Machine with Separation

Models Total Volume (ltrs) Process Volume (ltrs) Ceramic Chip Capacity (kg) O.D. (mm) Bowl ‘U’ Width (mm) Motor (HP) Standard Machine with Separation
VFM 150 LDR 150 90 90-110 855 256 1
VFM 200 LDR 200 120 120 – 150 1020 262 1.5
VFM 350 LDR 350 210 210-250 1220 280 2
VFM 500 LDR 500 300 300-350 1347 342 2
VFM 875 LDR 875 600 600–700 1606 430 5
VFM 1600 LDR 1600 1200 1200-1400 2010 530 8

Spirotech MachineSpirotech Machine (Curved walls)

Spirotech machines have curved bowls that allow larger batch loads and reduced process time. Recommended for light and small components. Which in standard machine, tend to float on the outer periphery of the bowl.

These machines are available with or without separation for Model 120L and above.

Spirotech Machine

Models Gross Volume (ltrs) Bowl ‘U’ Width (mm) Motor HP
VFMS 120L 120 285 1.5
VFMS 300L 300 370 2
VFMS 600L 600 460 5
VFMS-1200L 1200 550 8

Vibratory Finishing Machine with Superior Separation

Certain applications require that each and every component is separated from media. It is possible to achieve this with machines that are specially designed to suit the geometry of the components and media.

These machines are provided with a hump for superior separation of parts from media with specially designed screens. We custom make these screens based on your part sizes and media chosen for your process. It is possible to automate the entire finishing process.

Vibratory Finishing Machine with Superior Separation

Models Total Volume (ltrs) Ceramic Chip Capacity (Kg) OD (MM) Bowl ‘U’ Width (mm) Motor HP
VFM 190 SS 190 110 1020 262 1.5
VFM 410 SS 410 225 1347 342 2
VFM 790 SS 790 500 1614 430 5

Burnishing MachineBurnishing Machine

Burnishing machines are specially designed for the burnishing process using steel media. The motors are designed for excellent cascade of the increased work load. Separation is manual.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed for finishing with
  • Steel media Heavy duty Vibratory Drive
  • System Specially strengthened bowl


  • Fast Processing
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Higher Productivity
  • Cost effective High Polishing process
  • Improves corrosion resistance of product

Burnishing Machine for Mirror Polishing Using Steel Media

Models Total Volume (ltrs) Process Volume (ltrs) Steel Media Capacity (Kg.) O.D. (mm) Bowl ‘U’ Width (mm) Motor (HP)
VFMB 80 80 60 180 - 220 780 200 1.5
VFMB 180 180 180 300 – 350 1150 256 2
VFMB 350 350 350 600 – 700 1350 342 5
VFMB 700 700 700 1200 – 1350 1700 430 8

VFM 300Superior Separation

The machine works on principles of vibration technology. Energy in the form of vibratory forces is imparted from the machine’s drive system to the mass of media and then to surfaces of the parts throughout the entire load. Vibratory motion is induced by an eccentric weight system mounted on a drive mechanism.

The bowl has no end walls, which permits a continuous circular flow of media & parts. Adjusting the degree of eccentricity (amplitude), No. of auxiliary plate on the main eccentric weights and/or the drive speed (frequency) causes media component mixture to follow the contours of bowl in a rolling & tilting type of movement resulting in finishing operation on componets.

At the completion of process cycle a dam is inserted in the work load mass to elevate the parts & media mixture on separation screen. As the mixture flows over the separation screen, the media will fall through the screen back into bowl while parts are directed into receiving container.

Special Features:

  • Continuously welded and stress relieved MS bowl, lined with POLYURETHANE.
  • Specially designed heavy duty motor generating high centrifugal force
  • Inbuilt separation on component & media
  • Optional: Pneumatic cylinder for dam insertion, Control console with PLC, Variable speed drive, Automatic component loading arrangement, Component dryer.


  • Unidirectional processing & Separation / Unloading : No need to stop the machine & reverse the direction for separation of media & unloading of component.
  • Improved separation efficiency up to 95%
  • Ideal for delicate parts processing.
  • Easy separation


  • De burring
  • De scaling
  • De greasing
  • Polishing

Standard Specifications:

Gross Volume 430 L
Models 2 HP

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