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Tub Vibro Finishing


Tub Vibro Finishing MachinesVibratory Tub Finishing Machines have rectangular working bowl with either straight or curved side walls based on the application. The system cascades mixture of media and components in the Tub, producing relative movement between the two. This results in efficient processing of components. Vibration can be adjusted with eccentric weights and systems can be batch type, continuous or customized as per needs.

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  • Suitable for mix size, large and long parts
  • Machine can be customized to suit parts
  • Continuous Machine can be offered
  • Divider plates for large heavy parts and moving parts to prevent contact


  • Faster processing than hexagonal barrel
  • Can handle small to very large and very long parts
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Batch or continuous operation
Technical Specifications
Model Total Volume(ltrs) Length(mm) Width(mm) Motor(HP)
VTFM 50 50 640 305 0.5
VTFM 300 300 1200 550 5
VTFM 600 600 2700 465 7.5
VTFM 900 900 3800 465 12.5

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