Solvent Recovery Solutions

Solvent Recovery Process

The Solvent Laden Air (SLA) is conditioned (filtered and treated for temperature and humidity) prior to adsorption by passing it through the SLA Cooler (2) and SLA Re-Heater (3).

Recovery begins when the SLA Fan (4) passes the SLA through Adsorbers (5) of packed-beds of activated carbon. The solvents are retained in the activated carbon pores and the cleansed air is discharged into the atmosphere.

Through staggered adsorption and desorption cycles monitored by analyzers and computers, each bed is periodically regenerated by counter flow of steam or inert gas that heats the carbon.

During the regeneration phase, the solvent vapors are released from the carbon and carried by steam or inert gas to condensation (6), decanting and solvent treatment units.

Solvent treatment systems are custom designed to meet each client’s requirements. Decanters (11) are used for separation of solvent which are non miscible in water. Other cost effective processes and equipment include air stripping, steam stripping, and steam distillation.

Additionally the recovery efficiency can be improved by providing a Drying and Cooling unit (8,9, 10) after the regeneration before the next adsorption cycle.

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E - Brochure: Dalal Solvent Recovery