Finishing Machinery

Case Studies

1. Casting

For removal of casting imperfection a reputed valve manufacturer was doing finishing manually with 5 persons to achieve the desired production.

The production cost was high there was in finish quality.

Vibratory Finishing was introduced and the processing cost was reduced by 100% and the finish obtained is consistent.

2. Plastic Part

A Polymer Auto Component machine was employing 4 persons for cleaning the components. By installing a Vibratory Finishing the manpower was reduced to 1 person, saving of 3% and consistent result obtained with increased production of 150%.

3. Bearing

A roller manufacturing company was dependent on skilled labour for lapping / buffing of rollers with the help of finishing machine the process time was reduced to 1/3rd , the process cost reduced significantly and machine operated by unskilled labour.

4. Gear

One of the largest Gear manufacturing companies adopted a finished process for Ra value improvement of Gear teeth after grinding. We developed a special process for Ra value improvement upto 25% from the input value.

5. Aircraft

A world renowned aircraft engine manufacturer, decided to source components from India. The Indian company approached us for finishing of very high precision, special alloy critical components, as finishing these manually was not possible we developed a process and supplied finishing machine to improve Ra, achieve deburring with excellent polish.

6. SS Parts

Barber Razor blade manufacturer was manually polishing SS Barber razor’s and after polishing had to do additional process of cleaning the buffing dirt.

We developed a finishing process to eliminate buffing and post cleaning thus, achieving a huge cost reduction with double the productivity and consistent finish.

7. Auto Industries

A reputed brake lever manufacturer were brake the levers for high gloss finishing on installing a special ball burnishing machine the manual buffing was eliminated with a good finish in the recessed area’s 6 persons from the buffing section were reduced.

Applications and Industries

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