Textile Machinery


Dalal Package Dyeing Machines have an imported micro controller and PLC. They can also be linked to a central host computer station for dye-house management. The machines have an industrial PC with graphic touch screen interface. Some of the automated functions are:

  • Filling – several types of water to a number of levels.
  • Filling to a programmed quantity.
  • Ratio fill – allowing quantity filling in relation to the material weight.
  • Filling with analog level sensor to any programmed percentage.
  • Flow reversal programme – allowing the selection of the duration of flow in each direction.
  • Circulation pump speed setting.
  • Machine pressurisation/ depressurisation.
  • Controlling the rate of heating & cooling, final temperatures and holding time.
  • Signals for preparation and control of the transferring of the contents of a side chemicals tank, followed by automatic rinsing.
  • Programmed Dosing.
  • Parallel preparation of Stock Tank, including: filling, heating, signal for addition of dyes/chemicals and transferring to the main dyeing vessel.
  • Combined rinsing and cooling.
  • Draining facility for Normal drain, High Temperature drain and Pressure drain.
  • Signals for operator intervention, including: load, unload, sample, check, etc.
  • Automatic fault finding system.

E - Brochure: Textile Machinery