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This ability to carry out two, sometimes three unit operations makes the SUPERTOR extremely versatile and useful. It sizes, reduces, grinds, delumps, chops, disperses, separates, macerates and even pumps and has been installed for various slurry handling applications viz.

Wiped Film Evaporator

Working Principle

The SUPERTOR is an all-round machine developed from a centrifugal pump with an inclined disc which is at an angle to the shaft instead of a normal impeller. This creates strong turbulent flows which simultaneously aid in pumping and intense mixing of the medium. Since the rotor and the housing are equipped with teeth, the SUPERTOR can also be used for disintegration or crushing.
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Supertor Applications

  • Mixing Fluids of various viscosities
  • Dispensing of pigments to produce colour
  • Rapid homogenisation and slurry formation from wet cake
  • Processing of pulp and black liquor in the paper Industry
  • Mixing & crushing of liquid and paste like waste materials
  • Surface enlargement through reduction in grain size for the dissolving process to reduce the dissolving time
  • Crushing of coke particles in thick tar in coking plant ancillaries
  • Increasing productivity and through put of spray dryers
  • Efficient and rapid washing of filter cakes, also increasing reaction rate
  • Waste cut treatment in the manufacture of fibre cement
  • Diverse extractions for manufacturing essences
  • Mixing & homogenising of spice extracts
  • Prevention of choking and clogging of pipelines
  • Clay & Silica application
  • Starch manufacture
  • Rapid dissolution of difficult to dissolve solids
  • Maceration

Falling Film Evaporator
Type N.BS N.BD a b C1 C2 h1 h2 h3
22 100 100 203 707 125 180 160 225 497
25 150 150 230 797 130 250 200 260 572
33 200 200 311 1070 150 320 280 300 692

Type Speed RPM Power Consumption - KW Output m3/h Max Head Column of Water
22 800-2300 5.5-30 3-50 max 4-5 m
25 700-2000 7.5-45 5-100 max 5-6m
33 500-1400 15-75 10-300 max 5-6 m

E - Brochure: Supertor