Textile Machinery

Material Carriers

Interchangeable Material Carriers of a wide range for substrates in different forms are available with Dalal. For tall machines, specially designed double decker carriers and warp beam carriers are also available.

Cheese Carrier

Cheese carriers feature spindles that are tailor-made to suit various types of dye centers and package dimensions. Cheese carriers supplied with self lowering locking devices.

Variable Load Cheese Carrier

Suitable for dyeing reduced batch sizes up to 50% of the rated capacity.

Fibre / Muff Carrier

Packing Cylinders suitable for dyeing loose stock and muffs are robustly designed. They are supplied with lifting plates for easy unloading of material. Heavy duty packing cylinders are designed for hydraulic pressing. Special types can go into a centrifugal hydro extractor along with the material.

Top Carrier

These carriers are designed for easy loading and unloading of tops and are constructed specially to ensure years of trouble free service. Gravity lowering caps help to take care of shrinkage during the process.

Unloading Basket

Recommended for large dia/ higher capacity machines. Helps reduces time taken to unload the yarn packages from carrier. Most importantly it reduces man power required.

Zipper Tape Carrier

Suitable to receive various sizes of spools (bobbins)

Special Features

Various types of locking devices and plates are supplied to suit individual requirements of different packages.

E - Brochure: Textile Machinery