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Waste Water Filtration and Recycling System

To increase the attention towards ecology and environment, Dalal has introduced a waste water filtration and recycling system. It is an automatic and economical water treatment system with easy application and without need for specialised manpower. The system consists of one sedimentation and one clean water tank. The dirty water is passed through a high speed filtration system for removal of suspended solids and then cleaned water is collected in clean water tank.

1. Less consumption of water and finishing compound
2. No choke up in drainage

Sound Reduction Accessories

For workers safety and to meet factory sound norms, mass finishing equipment usually requires noise protection measures.

Sound Cover – Noise protection cover of single machine with a manually or pneumatically operated hinge type cover, covering only the top of the machine.

Sound Protection Cabin - A sound protection cabin with a complete enclosure and manually openable top and sides

Auto Loader

Bin type loader required for transfer of parts from customer bins into the machine. The loader can be customised for component bins used by customers. Efficient, Easy loading & unloading of parts without damage, Heavy Duty and Economical.

PLC Control Panel

A full automation of the system can be done with PLC Control panel where manual intervention is not required. The panel works with touch screen or line display and has HMI with feather touch buttons.

Magnetic Separator

Generally used for Separation from media of ferrous components having similar size. These can be separated magnetically. Magnetic separator can have a inbuilt demagnetiser and in some cases can be used to convey components to the next machine /dryer.

Simple Control Panel

With starter and timers as required.
Upon request it is possible for install a variable speed drive to control the RPM of the vibrating motor.

Dosing Unit

Dosing of right quantity of water and compound is necessary for successful surface finishing.The controlled flow of chemical and water is done with dosing pump and rotameter housed in a mild steel cabinet. Dosing unit can be integrated with an automatic system with the help of PLC.

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