Textile Machinery

Salient Features

Standard Features

Air Pad System:

This feature makes it a most cost effective & environmentally friendly application. Its advantages are:

  • Reduced water quantity to bring down steam, electricity and chemical requirements.
  • Uniform temperature in kier volume and excellent exhaustion of dyestuff
  • In vat dyeing of cotton, the dye liquor is not subject to continuous oxidation by external air
  • Reduced air pollution as dissolved chemicals do not escape to air

Variable Frequency Drive:

Inverter controlled turbo pump motor helps achieve automatic step less speed control in both directions of flow. VFD reduces power consumption during start up, flow reversal and partial load dyeing.

Adjustable Liquor Ratios:

Best liquor ratio can be selected depending on various process parameters with Analog Level Controller for complete dyeing process

  • Low liquor ratio during dyeing phase. Minimum MLR can be selected for Full Load or Partial Load dyeing phase
  • Ultra low liquor ratio can be selected, whenever possible, for dyeing and subsequent washing cycles

Safety and Interlock Systems:

The main lid of the machine is in 3-piece OSV type lid, operating with a pneumatic lifting and lowering cylinder and all required safety locks such that it cannot be opened unless the machine is fully depressurised and temperature is below 80° C.

  • Auto pressure control valve set at 4 kg/cm2. Releases built-up pressure
  • Mechanical pressure safety valve set at 4.5 kg/cm2
  • Main pump protection to safeguard against dry run
  • Interlocking of “Heating On” and main pump motor

Additional Features

Pressure Extraction:
The machine is pressurised by compressed air to remove excess heavily coloured water reducing water consumption and rinsing time. The process is repeated at the end of the dye cycle to remove excess water making handling of the carrier easy and keeping the area of operation clean.

Differential Pressure Controller:
Continuously monitors differential pressure of packages and automatically adjusts pump speed to achieve pre-set values reducing power consumption considerably.

Conductivity Meter:
Measures TDS of dye-bath continuously. This application results in saving of time, quantity of water and electrical power.

pH Meter:
Helps in monitoring of pH of dye bath throughout dye cycle.

Shock Rinse:
Reduces fresh water consumption due to efficient washing and improves rubbing fastness. Selection of this application however, depends on the class of dyestuffs and its suitability for such a treatment.

Dye Kitchen Equipment:
Automated dye-kitchen equipment interfaced with microprocessor of main machine also available.

Operating System:
Air pad is the standard production machine. However, for specific needs we can manufacture machines having Fully Flooded or Dual mode system.

Heating System:
Apart from steam as heating media, we can also deliver machines suitable for Hot Oil or Pressurised Hot Water system.

Coupling of two or more machines of identical capacity with automation can be supplied for dyeing larger capacity lots.

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